The FingerReader Device: Read Text With a Touch of Your Hand

The FingerReader device is a large ring that slips on a finger and features a front facing camera that scans the text that the finger is pointing to. Smart software powering the device recognizes the line of text under the finger and reads only that line.

The Benefits of FingerReader

  • The FingerReader can be used by people who are struggling with their vision due to eye conditions or other reasons, as it’s easier than trying to read from writing small print which may not always be legible.
  • It also offers an opportunity for those without sight problems, but struggle with mobility issues, such as arthritis in hands or fingers – the device makes reading more accessible so they don’t have to carry books around everywhere they go.
  • For children just learning how to read, or struggling with dyslexia the device could be useful as well.

The Functionality of a Fingerreader For the Blind and visually-impaired People Worldwide

The invention of FingerReader is a boon for the visually impaired. This device is designed to make reading books and documents easy for people who are unable to see well or whose vision is impaired. It is an infrared scanning device that is worn on the hand. Sensors fitted around the finger allow it to detect specific text, Braille or black-and-white print from an electronic document. The device is able to recognize the layout of the document and then responds by reading it aloud, Braille, or phonetically.

An improvement on this technology is the inclusion of a small hand-held device called the Fingerreader. This device has the features of a traditional finger reader, except that it can also assist the blind and the visually impaired in their daily tasks. However, many printed materials and books are still inaccessible to the visually impaired because of the absence of a large enough screen. To address this problem, there are now hand-held devices in the marketplace that are capable of scanning such materials as the white cane and the Braille print. There are also several screen-reading devices currently on the market that are capable of scanning the text from these printed materials.

A large percentage of the adult population are affected by at least one form of impaired vision. As these people grow older, the need for help with reading becomes more essential. Fingerreader devices will greatly assist individuals with various forms of impairment when it comes to helping them read. As a result of the technology, the creation of a device for the use of the visually impaired was sought, and in its creation of a device known as the Fingerreader was created.

Currently there are three different types of Fingerreader devices currently on the market. The first is the finger-based wearable health device. The second type of device is called the invisible finger reader. The third type of device is called the infrared digital finger reader. These three types of devices are used for different applications; therefore it is important that you understand the differences between these three devices prior to purchasing one.

The major difference between the three devices mentioned above is the technology. The first wearable device mentioned uses a thin piece of plastic or cloth to detect your fingerprint. These devices are worn on your skin, usually around the thumb or the index finger, and they transmit data to a handheld device which is controlled by the wearer. The thumb and index fingers are usually the preferred choices of users due to their small size. These devices are expected to be available for sale in 2009.

Another type of fingerreader is called the finger reader that operates through the use of light. This technology differs from the previously mentioned device because it transmits data in the form of electromagnetic signals instead of printed text. Currently, the best known fingerreader is the fingerreader wearable health device mentioned earlier. This type of fingerreader is now being used by more than 285 million people worldwide. This technology enables a user to control the electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, video game consoles, PDAs, wrist watch, etc. by simply using their finger.

Currently, this technology allows users to easily navigate, control, and interact with their computer systems, cell phones, PDA’s, wrist watch, and other electronic devices. Some of the visual impaired individuals like bikers, skiers, hikers, fishermen, etc. use this technology to control their equipment while on the go. A visually impaired person using a finger reader for the first time will have many challenges. First, they will have to learn how to properly place their fingers onto the screen of their electronic device. Second, they will have to practice this skill several times a day until they get it right.

Fingerreader are a great invention that can greatly assist physically and emotionally disabled individuals, as well as people who are visually impaired. As technology improves and develops, these types of handpieces will become even more helpful and popular. Therefore, the use of fingerreaders by the physically and emotionally-impaired people worldwide is a wise choice.

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